Jaime M. Zenamon Diálogo
Works by Jaime M. Zenamon

Veronica Kraneis (Konzert-, Alt-, Bassquerflöte), Gerald Handrick (Konzertgitarre)


Reflexões No. VI für Konzert- und Bassquerflöte und Gitarre
1. Fluido
2. Doloroso
3. Vivissimo

Reflexões No. III für Konzertquerflöte und Gitarre
4. Agil
5. Danza

Hommage a Maurice Ravel für Solo-Gitarre
6. Flexible
7. Lento
8. Vivo ma non tanto

Fantásias e Impressiónes für Altquerflöte und Gitarre
9. Noche veraniega
10. En las columnas
11. El paseo
12. Metidación
13. La fiesta
14. Sueño

Fantásias e Impressiónes für Konzertquerflöte und Gitarre
15. En los juncos
16. A orillias del rio
17. El mercado
18. Vitoria
19. Valsinha

20. Tango für Bassquerflöte und Gitarre

3 Retratos für Konzertquerflöte und Gitarre
21. Encuentro
22. Despedida
23. Diàlogo


Jaime M. Zenamon bei der Arbeit Diálogo, the third movement of the retratos (portraits, descriptions), may be viewed as motive for the musical cooperation of composer Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon from Curitiba/Brazil and the performers as well as for that of the two German soloists Veronica Kraneis (concert transverse flute, alto and bass transverse flute) and Gerald Handrick (concert guitar). The music of Zenamon, who started as guitarist, reflects his delight in discovering many-faced tone figures in the interplay between the guitar and other instruments.
   The flautists and the guitarists interpretations are quite unconventional and attractive as the duo constitutes one of the exceptional casts in which besides the concert transverse flute also the alto as well as the bass transverse flute are brought to sound in masterly perfection. The dialogue between the transverse flute with their distinct individualities and the highly variable play of the guitar makes up a unique experience of contemporary music. Taking up the traditional habits of hearing this music is, at the same time, attractive and of high demand, exciting and meditative, reflective and sensuous.

The personal and artistic meeting of J. M. Zenamon and the artists led to the recording of the present compositions, which can be heard here on the CD for the first time (except retratos). The composer authorised the pieces on this CD specially for the cast of the duo Kraneis/Handrick, who, by means of the present CD, introduce the composer Zenamon to a larger public.

Already a glimpse of the biography of Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon will indicate the integration of various cultures, which is fruitfully echoed in the artists compositional creations and his musical activities. Born as son of European parents in Bolivia in 1953, Zenamon studied classical guitar and composition in Brazil (with G. Santorsola), Uruguay (with A. Carlevaro), Spain, Portugal and Israel. Besides giving concerts he also taught in Germany at the Berlin Academy of Arts. Concert tours took Zenamon to all continents, where his music meets increasingly enthusiastic audiences.

Flautist Veronica Kraneis has given concerts since she was 15. Already in the course of her academic studies in Detmold, Munich and Berlin the artist developed al lively concert activity as a soloist. Concert tours took her to various European countries as well as to Japan and Australia. Her continual search for new ways and her endeavours to go beyond the narrow repertoire of the traditional transverse flute literature led her also o towards Jazz.
In the last years the artist enlarged her classical repertoire with her own transcriptions and arrangements of chamber music by including the alto and bass transverse flute. Veronica Kraneis is one of the very few Flute virtuosi who play all three transverse flutes in their concerts.

Guitarist Gerald Handrick, winner of renowned contests (e.g. Paris and Markneukirchen) studied at the "Hanns Eisler" Academy of Music (Berlin and Rostock) and in Weimar. After completing his academic studies in 1991, solo concerts made him known in Germany and other European countries. The guitarist has a special liking fort the performance of interesting contemporary guitar music, which also finds expressions in his work as artistic director in the International Guitar Festival in K├╝hlungsborn (Germany) which has taken place since 1992. Besides his activities as a soloist and as a teacher in the Rostock Academy of Music, the artist devotes himself to chamber music. In this context he met flautist Veronica Kraneis in 1993. As a result of the meeting both artists started on a permanent cooperation.

Since the establishment of the duo the two congenial musicians have succeeded in inspiring their audiences in many concerts and in convincing them of their kind of dialogue.

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