Avec Passion

Avec Passion Avec Passion
C. Franck, A. Piazzolla, M. Bonis

Veronica Kraneis (Konzertflöte), Shoko Kuroe (Piano)


César Franck (1822-1890) - Sonate A-Dur für Flöte und Klavier
1. Allegretto moderato anhören
2. Allegro anhören 3. Recitativo - Fantasia
4. Allegretto poco mosso

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) - Histoire du Tango
5. Bordel 1900 anhören
6. Café 1930 anhören
7. Night Club 1960 anhören
8. >Concert d'aujourd'hui anhören

Mélanie Bonis (1858-1937) - Sonate cis-moll für Konzertflöte und Klavier
9. Andantino con moto
10. Scherzo, Vivace
11. Adagio
12. Finale, Maestoso

Avec Passion
Great Masterpieces - Now and then

This is a compilation of live recordings of recitals given by Veronica Kraneis (concert flute) and Shoko Kuroe (piano) in 2002. Despite the uneven sound quality of the recordings, the Opal Verlag Kassel has decided to present this CD, so as to make the music accessible to the broader audience.

The sonata in A major by César Franck (1822-1890) is a well-established repertory piece of many eminent musicians. The adaptation for the concert flute possesses a great charm and deviates only very slightly from the original violin text.
The sonata was composed in 1886 as a wedding gift for Eugene Ysaye, where its first performance was given spontaneously. This work finally brought Franck, then already an aged man, long-deserved recognition and fame. Even Debussy was charmed by the sonata - already in the first bar, one can recognise the harmonic progression as the key to the cyclic piece. Rather than the chord being and accompaniment to the melody, the theme is shaped from and around the dominant ninth chord. One can even say that the sonata is one of the few compositions before Debussy's time, where such chords were conceived as an artwork by itself, as moments to be perceived and cherished.

The Histoire du Tango by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) is one of his most central compositions. After spending years studying composition in Paris, Piazzolla - encouraged by his mentor, Nadia Boulanger - decided to henceforth dedicate himself to the music of his homeland. In this work, Piazzolla outlines the development of the tango, while exhibiting virtuously and melancholy in full, the characteristic elements of the tango. The four pieces representing the consecutive eras of the tango can also be viewed as four movements of a grand sonata.

Mélanie Bonis (1858-1937), French musician supported by César Franck, entered the Paris Conservertoire Supèrieru in 1877 where she studied with Ernest Guiraud. In her compositions, while adhering to the traditional form, she boldly experiments with newer musical languages, utilising impressionistic, folkloristic and exotic colours and harmony. The sonata in C-sharp minor, published in 1904, was dedicated to the leading flutist at that time, Louis Fleury. The poetic work, consisting of four buoyant and radiant movements in the romantic-impressionistic style, shows the flute at its best.

Veronica Kraneis, internationally renowned flutist, is especially noted for her extensive and unconventional repertoire. From the very early age on, she has established herself in the classic music world (as soloist under Karl Richter, Sergiu Celibidache, Donatas Katkus, Mascha Blankenburg amongst others; also as guest lecturer in Australia, in Japan and in Europe). Today, she is one of the rare concert artists who perform the alto and the bass flutes in their recital programs in addition to the concert flute. Many contemporary composers have dedicated substantial works to her (e.g. Jaime Zenamon, Viera Janacerkova, Barbara Heller). Moreover, she is also an accomplished jazz, tango, and flamenco musician.
Numerous radio and CD recordings are tribute to her immense joy at music-making and to her exceptional interpretative and instrumental qualities.

Shoko Kuroe was born in Japan and moved as a child to Germany where she was taught by Eliza Hansen. She was prize winner of many national and international piano competitions and scholarship winner of the "Zeit Stiftung" and the "Oscar-und-Vera-Ritter Stiftung." Shoko Kuroe gives piano recitals in Europe, in the USA and in Japan, and has performed as solist under conductors such as Horia Andreescu, Volker-Schmidt Gertenbach, Karolos Trikolidis and Saulius Sondeckis. She is also a distinguished chamber musician. TV- and radio broadcasts and CD productions are witness to her insightful interpretations and her versatile piano technique.
Since 1986 she has regularly been invited to international festivals, e.g. the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, where she has also served as artist-faculty.

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