Kephalo - Endlose Tiefe



1. Tränen (tears) anhören
2. Klänge der Nacht (sounds of the night) anhören
3. Sonnenwende (solstice) anhören
4. Melancholie (melancholy) anhören
5. Polarlichter (polar lights) anhören
6. Niemandsland (no man's land) anhören
7. Der Verborgene Teil Meiner Seele (the hidden part of my soul) anhören
8. Auf dem Weg der Zeit (on the path of time) anhören
9. Metropolis (metropolis) anhören
10. Endlose Tiefe (endless depth) anhören


Pascal, Eric and Manuel Mozer create music that relates and communicates. The sounds are interweaved in a different sphere, delicately laced and unraveled again. The air begins to pulsate because of the rich sounds and the vibrating waves. Perfection and passion are combined in the music of "Kephalo" and therefore fulfills its purpose: to listen, to let go, to give space.
Roland Fink

Thanks to...
Veronica Kraneis
Günter Böhm
Jakob J. Köllhofer
Timmy Fraats
Ernst Bock
Joachim Kloe
Markus Freitag
and all faithful fans

Special thanks to...
Our parents
Christina and Gunnar Mozer
Dr. Ellinor Ruppenthal-Bach

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