Chor Hohes C

Chor Hohes C 15 Years Choir Hohes C


1. Come In And Stay A While 01:57
2. Short People 03:44
3. Lullaby Of Broadway 02:56
4. Alkohol 03:04
5. Kindergebet 01:49
6. Caprifischer 03:49
7. Landsknechtständchen 03:11
8. Psalm 58 02:11
9. Nocturne 02:38
10. Russisches Gebet 03:02
11. Strange Fruit 02:04
12. Schtil 02:41
13. Senzenina 02:30
14. A la mina no voy 03:31
15. Du hast’n Freund 02:39
16. Nacht der Nächte 02:30
17. In The Still Of The Night 03:40
18. Homeless 03:31
19. How High The Moon 02:18
20. Who Am I 03:14
21. Und wenn ich tot bin 02:23
22. TV - Sandmännchen und Mr. Sandman 03:59
23. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye 02:47

Conductor: Heiner Wiedenfeld

15 Years Choir Hohes C

The Choir Hohes C was founded in 1987 in Kassel and in the first years it performed on street parties and political events. 3 years later the choir already mounted its first full-length programme in its domicile at that time at the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof. Since then every two to three years concerts with new programmes and themes take place: 1993 the "Radio-Concert" at the Schlachthof, 1995 the "Space-Concert" at the Anthroposophisches Zentrum, 1997 the "Anniversary-Concert" at the Hotel Reiss and finally in the year 2000 the concert "Nacht-Vokal" at the auditorium of the Heinrich-Schütz school. In between were performances at festivals (Schlachthof, Open Flair, Kulturzelt Vellmar, 1. Kasseler Museumsnacht), at local cultural centres (ÖZ in Frankershausen, Piazza in Vellmar), in churches (Wolfsanger, Kreuzkirche, tribute concert for Nicaragua and Marktkirche Eschwege) or in the concert shell at the hillside park Wilhelmshöhe. Special preferences are performances at unusual places, like the underground car park of the Fridericianum, the rooms in the Museum Fridericianum or simply on the street. Under the conduct of Heiner Wiedenfeld and at Workshops with the Dimitrij Prokowski Ensemble from Moscow, the jazz vocalist Ulrike Janssen, the unaccompanied vocal music boy group Maybebop among others, the choir acquired a versatile and extensive repertoire. Thereby jazz music stands next to pop songs, songs by the Comedian Harmonists next to songs from the "Jungle Book", old Russian songs next to protest songs from Latin America and Africa, Italian madrigals next to hit parodies.

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