Between the Times - Early Songs

Between the Times Ute Kreidler (Gesang), Knut Rössler (Sopransaxophon, Altsaxophon, Altquerflöte), Johannes Vogt (Gitarre, Oud, Gitarrensynthesizer)


1. Allt under himmelens fäste (schwedisch)
2. Bugail yr Hafod (walisisch) anhören
2. Crodh Chailean (schottisch) anhören
3. Eamonn a 'Chnuic (irisch)
4. Fhir a bhàta (instrumental)
5. Harmiaveden rantaa (finnisch) anhören
6. Three Ravens (englisch / schottisch)
7. Hame, hame, hame (instrumental)
8. Heman Dubh (von den Hebriden-Inseln) anhören
9. Maypole Song (englisch)
10. Värmlands Visa (schwedisch)
11. Voi että olen outo (finnisch) anhören
12. Weaver's Daughter (instrumental)

Between the Times - Early Songs

The musicians of this unusual ensemble truly move between the times and styles. The two founders, saxophonist Knut Rössler and the lutenist / guitarist Johannes Vogt blended Jazz-improvisations and timeless medieval melodies into new tracks first. (CD "Between the Times").

Forming a Trio with soprano Ute Kreidler, traditional European songs serve as model for interpretations between Old Music, regional styles and instrumental improvisations. (CD "Im Silo" with themes of the Old Music and sefardic melodies; CD "Between the Times live" on the Jazz Festival in Worms with an emphasis on Spanish and sefardic melodies).

The CD "Early Songs" is dedicated to old songs of northern Europe, from Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. The melodies have a common melancholy tone, which shines through the use of different instruments (apart from the singing: soprano saxophone, flute, guitar, 'ud, guitar synthesizer, percussion).
The songs were arranged by the musicians. The approach to the century-old songs was done carefully and with respect. The harmonical and rhythmical arrangements were only made in order to have a favourable effect on the melodies and leave more room for the improvised parts.

Specialization on chamber music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period. Classes with Montserrat Figueras, Louis Devos, Jordi Savall, Jessica Cash and Cornelius Reid. Member of the Renaissance-ensemble "I Ciarlatani" since 1992. Concerts with "Between the Times" since 1998. National and international solo concerts. Functional singing teacher after the method of Eugen Rabine.
Numerous CD-recordings: Im Silo - Old Music and New Improvisations, Between the Times - Early Songs, Georg Forster, Teutsche Liedlein, I Ciarlatani Advents- und Weihnachtsmusik (Advent- and Christmas music), Leininger Stubenmusik Seelewig, Ein Geistliches Waldgedicht oder Freudenspiel, first recording of the oldest German opera by Sigismund Theophil Staden, I Ciarlatani.

The virtuoso saxophonist KNUT RÖSSLER plays in different formations e.g. Between the Times, Galapagos Big Band, Pax Wallace Quartet (USA).Many productions e.g. with the pianist Joachim Kühn. By order of the Goethe Institute he carried out tours worldwide. He performs on many festivals, among others the German Jazz Festival Frankfurt and the Jazz Festival San Sebastian. Numerous broadcasting- and CD-recordings.

Historical lutes from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period, baroque guitar, romantic guitar, electro-acoustic guitar
Emphasis on "Old Music" from the Middle Ages to Romanticism. Improvisations both in medieval music and in contemporary music forms. Concerts, CD- and broadcasting recordings as soloist and thorough bass player with the Duo Panormo, I Ciarlatani, Musica Antiqua Cologne, LĀ“Arpa Festante Munich, Alta Ripa Hannover, under Neville Marriner, H. Rilling. University teaching position for lute and thorough bass from 1992 to 1999 on the conservatory Heidelberg-Mannheim.

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